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Seriously Lagging…

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I’m ashamed. I just glanced at the date I did my last blog and quite honestly, I suck. I have so much to tell you that I fear I will bore you with all that has been going on. It has been a while since we have been this busy here at Kelly Madison Media. We have been shooting our butts off creating tons of content for, shooting another production for Brazzers, and as always, shooting for plus now we will be updating every week instead of every other week so that adds a few more production days on to the month. I’ve also been working on my new Members section that is well overdue by about 5 years as well as completing our first hardcore/bondage inspired DVD entitled “Get My Belt” of which this is the 3rd installment, please view the free trailer. To prove to you how hard I’ve been working, check out my beautiful nails last Friday. I had to take my acrylics off because my nails kept breaking while putting up wood paneling in one of our sets. I think sanding, staining, and antiquing a table and set of chairs is what really did a doozy on my poor hands.

My husband also bought a rusty old troft and assured me it was water tight. I poured the water in and out it came all over my newly rustic table. I then used that foam stuff from Home Depot used in construction that fills up holes without wearing gloves. Not pretty but I am quite proud of my new Old West set with all our newly acquired antique tools and such. Kind of want to use that hammer on Ryan!

On a prettier note, we rented an old car and shot up in LA and in Orange 2 weeks ago. We did 2 different scenes and Ryan and I both fell in love with the old Cadillac, and so did the doggies. After returning home we went for a joy ride with the kids. I think I see an old Cadillac in my future very soon…

I’ve had 3 updates posted on my site since last I checked in as well as a behind the scenes update from all the activity in the month of February. Here’s a sample of what’s gone up. “Titty Trecking” “Spa-gasm” and “February BTS”. Can you tell which is which? : )

To speak the obvious, I’m dog tired. In fact, the whole fam is tired. These are a few photos I snapped with my phone this past Sunday morning.

We all got up at 7AM but everyone went back to sleep by 10:30AM. We didn’t rest for long, it was off to the vet for mani/pedis and anal glands and then off to the park and then gluten free grocery shopping for the week.

Christmas Cougars, radiation therapy, birthday promises…

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I’m giving you lots of Christmas Coochie so far this December. I started off the month on with a Christmas Cougar attack

and recently introduced you to a very Kinky Kris Kringle. I must say Santa really has a nice cock. Never know what’s hiding under a big belly!

Last week I gave you a Bloody Xmas on and more is to come.

On a sad note, my dog Trey started radiation therapy for his cancer 2 weeks ago and it isn’t going well. His radiation burns are severe and spending 5 hours a day driving him back and forth is taking a toll on me, on him and my business and my patience. We are over half-way through and it just gets tougher and tougher. I like to think of him like this as he was last year when we went to the Grand Canyon.

Speaking of last year, Ryan and I attended the Arizona football game for his 35th birthday. Unfortunately with our dog being ill and our schedules being beyond crazy we were unable to attend a pro-football game this year. We usually pick a team and a city and go and visit and root for the home team and Ryan buys the hometeam’s quarterback’s jersey and we just get a taste of somewhere new. We have been doing this for a few years and really enjoy it. This year my husband turned 36 and no game : (
I’ll have to make it up to him next year!

Here he is at the Grand Canyon last year on our road trip on our way down to the Arizona Stadium. I need to take him somewhere really good next year, any ideas? We’ve been to Minnesota, Dallas, San Diego, Arizona and were planning on taking the dogs and going to San Fransisco this year but had to cancel last minute. I like the idea of New Orleans, that would be fun and I’ve never been to that city. Or Green Bay so I can freeze my ass off.

Turkey, dogs, and blood?

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Yeah, one holiday down, 2 to go. Hope you had a fabulous turkey day for those of you in the U.S. I had a great day, thank you, I thought I was going to be home alone with the doggies but at the last minute I changed my mind. My boy Trey was doing awesome so I loaded up all 3 dogs and joined Ryan in attending his family’s festivities. I am so glad I went. Trey even went for a walk around the entire park after dinner.

I hope you enjoy my latest update on of the business woman gone bad. I was inspired by a recent trip to Beverly Hills. I was at Neiman Marcus while in between my two appointments there in town and had a drink with my hairdresser / stylist Carissa. There is a restaurant and bar on the 3rd floor that has the best martinis. There was a hot guy there and he was looking over at us. We kinda flirted back but I had to leave but I kept wondering about that hot guy. What if I got his number? Would I call him? Would he call me? Would I ever have an affair? Probably not ever but it was fun fantasizing that I was talking to him on the phone in my video. Got me pretty wet!

I just got home from a very exhausting day and I’m ready for a nap. Today we are shooting a crazy blood filled Xmas shoot for that turned into quite the production. I set up a large tent and hung lights, made signs, put up garland and installed bales of hay and bought 6 Christmas trees and hauled them around in my truck, created a christmas tree lot in the back of our production house, ordered special FX blood from Hollywood, repaired a chainsaw and basically worked my butt of the last few days setting up for this shoot. I had the help of Carissa and Cathy and the boys and we pulled it off. I can’t wait for you to see it. It goes up on the 21st of December.

I spent yesterday shooting of course. I was really in a bad mood for quite a while, though because things didn’t go my way, let’s just put it that way. I was totally rained out yesterday and I originally wanted to shoot my update in my brand new tree lot set that took me days to put together but the weather just wasn’t cooperating. Oh well, I had a splendid time shooting a Cougar Christmas in the warmth of my very own bedroom with the fireplace lit. Mmm, a nice big glass of red wine too!

Happy Halloween Haunt from Kelly Madison Media!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I hope you have been enjoying my month long Halloween Haunt going on over at It began less than a month ago with me going insane in my membrane in the video “Straight Jack’in it”, followed by the “Insane Clown Pussy”, getting boned in “Bone Job” and then the big finale of “Friday the 13th, Jason cums again and again and again”.

Like I’ve been saying, I thoroughly enjoy the Halloween season and love doing skits for my site and I also wrote and directed Halloween inspired episodes for called “Moan, when screaming doesn’t help” and for called “Nightmare on Teen Street”. Both episodes debuted this weekend.

I love being campy and sexy all at the same time and being able to do these productions with my awesome team was not only fun but super satisfying!

For all the free trailers of the Boo Boo Boobies, click on the links below: presents “Friday the 13th, Jason cums again, and again, and again” presents “Nightmare on Teen Street” presents “Moan, when screaming doesn’t help”

Kelly News here…

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Lots to catch up on here at Kelly Madison Media. First off, sad news to report, Bip and Bap have gone to roach heaven. Sad but true. Next is something a bit happier, doggies are all doing well. Tommy as you can see has adapted very well to his new home and enjoys reading and getting new hairstyles.

I have been knee deep in AT&T business again. We are installing Ethernet cable at our work house. Mind you the house was built in the 80’s in the middle of a lemon orchard so getting any type of modern equipment to it is a pain in the ass. Just to get Ethernet to the house there were 5 of these huge trucks and one with a giant drill on the back of it just tearing up the streets of our town in order to lay the cable. It’s what we gotta do to get video uploaded to our servers quickly to satisfy your porn appetite.

Next I must report that I have been ill. I got a really bad head cold last Sunday and it really kicked my ass. I was down for the count for almost 3 days. The worst part, I was supposed to shoot with Lisa Ann on Wednesday. Shit! My crew did a great job and represented me well and Ryan was a trooper as always but that wasn’t the point. I was supposed to shoot with her. Next time, dammit!

See what I missed…

Lastly from Madison Media land, I report that Halloween is in the air. I just shot my 3rd Halloween inspired video last night. I did 2 the previous weekend. October will be very spooky so beware!

Bip and Bap

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

We have 2 new pets at the office. Ryan had the brilliant idea of getting roaches to run around a shitty old motel room as part of the scene to make it seem even dirtier so our production assistant / hair stylist went to the pet store and bought 2 Madagascar roaches. Mind you, the store keeper only had 2 left so Carissa paid for the roaches but refused to take them home for the night. Instead she paid for them, left them there overnight and picked them up in the morning to bring to the office. She said she was down with whatever but she refused to babysit roaches at her house. Wendy our office manager named them after a Korean dish that she doesn’t like called BibimBap.

She normally loves Korean food but this particular dish “grosses her out” because of the raw egg, hence the name for the disgusting looking bugs. We used them at the motel on Saturday and now they are safely back in their cage. I want to keep them for our Halloween shoot later this month. They are sort of growing on us all, they kinda fit in with our gang!

Joy on the pornfidelity shoot!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Jackie Joy was an absolute joy to work with last Thursday, not kidding. In fact, I was having too much fun, got in trouble a bit. What can I say, I’m a girl who likes to have fun on a porn shoot and being totally dead serious just isn’t my thing. Jokes can get in the way of passion so next time I work with Jackie I’ll fuck her hard and fast and then crack jokes with her.

Going retro and going the distance

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Last week was a fabulous retro 50’s palooza. We bought a bed from our hairdresser / stylist’s aunt that is round and mustard yellow that she had in storage forever and Carissa and I also went shopping at all the retro stores down in Orange which happens to be the Southern Californian antique captial. We got 50’s style clothing and jewelry and hair accessories and nick nacks and patty wacks. I swear we went a bit crazy but the set looked so authentic, we even got a retro phone, too cool. I enjoyed myself way too much even though it took forever to do the hair. We did a pf ( shoot on Friday and a KM shoot ( on Saturday. Ryan looked so cute in his military outfit I just wanted to eat him 🙂

After the shoots on Saturday I decided to get a bit whacky and while driving home and I got far enough ahead of Ryan’s vehicle and got out and stood at the back of the truck with my tits out to surprise him, yep, right in the middle of the street! Ryan shot this with his iphone. He should have kept the video on to capture what I did next! Hope the neighbors didn’t see. Oh well, I’ve done worse.

This week we are taking a break from the retro look even though I had a blast with Beverly Paige. She loved getting all done up in the hair and make-up and this big breasted all natural gal fit the look just right. Her PF scene will be up in a few weeks so those of you that like natural big titties are in for a retro treat.

Big titty team ups!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Brandy Talore
Ava Addams
Eva Notty
Angela White

Wow, I have really enjoyed some of my recent shoots on I’ve been able to do some sexy fun scenes with other natural large breasted ladies and I want to do more! I’m trying to line up more big natural shoots. If you’ve got a big natty rack and want to come play with me, hit me up. I’m ready and waiting…

shooting with big notty titties

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

On the 12th of this month I shot a girl/girl scene with Eva Notty for my site. The episode went up on my site last week. I had shot with her a few months ago for and I just had to get my hands on those big notty titties again. I had the extreme pleasure of masturbating with her and cumming side by side and then we did a boy/girl/girl scene for pornfidelity again which will update on Friday June 1st.

I was so heated up and ready to come again after we were done playing with each other that Ryan could barely keep up!

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