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Mayan’s were wrong!

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Did anybody celebrate the end of the world last night? If so you just used it as an excuse to drink! Oh well, I got home around 9PM from running errands last night and started to decorate my tree and opened up a celebratory “last beer” and expecting the walls to cave in on me – NOT! The world did not come to an end but I did almost finish my tree even though I didn’t go to bed until 2AM. I awoke this morning at 6:30AM with the beautiful sun shining through my blinds so I guess those damn Mayans were wrong. Then again, check out today’s weather forecast, the day isn’t over yet…

Holy Shit Batman! We got a ton of Noms!

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Wow, I am super duper excited. Last week we were nominated for several AVN awards.

Here is the massive list. Seriously, so stoked and so honored. Great job team!

Best Porn Star Website
Kelly Madison (

MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year
Kelly Madison

Best Three-Way Sex Scene
Cumgasm, Kelly Madison/Juicy; Kelly Madison, Bree Olson & Ryan Madison

Best Internal Release
Teen Fidelity’s Deep Creampies, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Interracial Release
We Vow to Bang Black Beotches, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Specialty Release – Other Genre
Porn Fidelity Goes Preggo!, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Most Outrageous Sex Scene
Big Titty MILFs, Kelly Madison/Juicy; Kelly Madison & Brandi Love in “Cumsicle for Two”

Best New Series
Fuck ‘Em Slutty, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Big Bust Release
Natty Knockers 2, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best MILF/Cougar Release
Big Titty MILFs, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Ethnic Release – Latin
Spouses Nut on a Latin Slut 2, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best All-Sex Release
White Room, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Clever Title of the Year
We Vow to Bang Black Beotches, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Older Woman/Younger Girl Release
Porn Fidelity Goes Hardcore 2, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Best Anal Series
Pump That Rump, Kelly Madison/Juicy

Oh yeah, and if you like black latex, well check out my newest update on

All black, All tight, All tits!

And so sorry for the late announcement. I have been driving back and forth to Carlsbad every day to take my dog Trey to and from radiation treatment for his cancer. I so need an ipad. Hmm, maybe a secret Santa at there can get me one : )

Woo hoo!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Thanks Xbiz for the nominations. I was nominated for Performer Site of the Year and Web Star of the Year. Can’t beat that with a stick! I am so honored to be nominated. Xbiz is the best. I won an award in 2011 and I’m still gloating about that. Thank you again and it really feels good to be recognized for all my efforts especially when I’m competing with so many young women who are half my age. That’s a sobering thought, makes me wanna go drink some wine : )

Politics, condoms, drainage tubes, cancer and Coronas?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Woo hoo, the election is over and no matter what side you are on, you’ve got to be glad it is over. For women it was a great outcome. For gays and marriage equality it was a win. For the Measure B in LA, it was horrible for the adult industry. It is a measure to force condom use on performer’s in the adult industry in Los Angeles County, click here to read more about it if you are unfamiliar. Pretty much everyone in the adult biz has been speaking out against it but it passed and for something that supposedly is meant to “protect us”, is actually going to end up hurting us.

Speaking of hurting, I sadly announce that my little Kaylee got herself into more trouble and must have gotten bit by something which got infected and swelled up like a ping pong ball under her chin and I had to take her on Friday night and didn’t get home until midnight. They sent me home with a little white dog with a drainage tube. Totally yucky and it had to have a warm compress 3 times a day to help it drain. OK, I took her last night to take it out and still have to watch her. And I took my dog Trey in on Monday and found out his cancer is back. Good thing I have doggie insurance. Gotta love those dogs..they keep me sane in an insane world.

This was hanging up in the vet’s office, I think they put that shit up so you feel guilty when they hand you the big fucking bill!

Now on to the good news, my new update goes up tomorrow. Now it was just a spur of the moment shoot, and I got a bit horny and waalaa, we filmed it. Now the big question is, what do you think inspired my horniness. Look at the photo closely. Hmm, liquid libido? You be the judge!

Happy Halloween Haunt from Kelly Madison Media!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I hope you have been enjoying my month long Halloween Haunt going on over at It began less than a month ago with me going insane in my membrane in the video “Straight Jack’in it”, followed by the “Insane Clown Pussy”, getting boned in “Bone Job” and then the big finale of “Friday the 13th, Jason cums again and again and again”.

Like I’ve been saying, I thoroughly enjoy the Halloween season and love doing skits for my site and I also wrote and directed Halloween inspired episodes for called “Moan, when screaming doesn’t help” and for called “Nightmare on Teen Street”. Both episodes debuted this weekend.

I love being campy and sexy all at the same time and being able to do these productions with my awesome team was not only fun but super satisfying!

For all the free trailers of the Boo Boo Boobies, click on the links below: presents “Friday the 13th, Jason cums again, and again, and again” presents “Nightmare on Teen Street” presents “Moan, when screaming doesn’t help”

Insane in the membrane

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Insane in the brain!

Look where I ended up, and my crazy Doctor did a bad bad nasty thing to me while I was all tied up and I liked it.

Check it out on my site, it updated last week.

This week I kept with the crazy theme and did an episode I like to call “Insane Clown Pussy”.

I find the mask rather appealing, hey this way I don’t have to worry about messing up my make-up as I fuck myself with my toy. Plus no one can recognize me, oh then again, maybe the tits give it away!

Creepy clowns are scarier than fuck and these guys got me so scared I came! Yeah, I like to twist fright and sexual excitement into one big emotion.

Check out my newest update on and keep an eye out for more Halloween themed updates. What can I say? I’m in my element and it is so natural to me, kinda like motherhood! Ha!

I’m a good doggy mother at least, just ask my pup Tommy.

World Famous Tits!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

I am honored my husband named my DVD’s such an impressive title, kind of embarrassing though : )

The 3rd volume just came out and I am really proud of this one. It has my favorite scene from my birthday where I dressed up like a crazy little girl, sort of has a “What happened to Baby Jane” kind of craziness to it.

God I love that movie. In fact, it was on last night after the Vice Presidential Debate. I try not to mix business with politics but I thought Biden did a great job. For those of you that enjoy porn and you are voting Republican, your choice wants to outlaw abortion. You think they aren’t going to go on the attack against porn producers like me? Something to think about on election day.

Bras, panties, and more bras

Friday, July 27th, 2012

I am running out of big titty bras, I swear. I have sold so many this month including bra and panty sets and just sexy wet little panties. July was breast appreciation month, I guess. I am not complaining, I love wearing my bras and then taking polaroids in them and personally signing them and sending them off with a kiss. It makes my day. On my site you can go to my store to purchase one and if you have a particular one in mind that I wore for either a shoot or a pf ( or tf ( scene, don’t hesitate to ask for it. I may have it or already sold it but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Kelly Find Review Section Is Up!!!

Monday, February 20th, 2012

After over 2 years in the making it is finally up. now not ony finds you exactly the kind of free porn and hot models you seek and where to find more of what you are craving for, but now reviews the sites and gives you the inside scoop on everything from quality to customer service and my favorite, “bang for your buck” cuz nowadays getting something worth your hard earned cash means a lot. We worked really hard to give you all the information needed so you can make your own decision but with all the facts, baby!

See for yourself, here is a brief explanation on how our scoring system works:

“About Our Reviews
Welcome to KellyFind Reviews where we try to make a fair and honest call on all of the sites that we review. Many facets make up a great site and different facets have different values to different people. This is why we decided to employ a 5 step grading system which includes overall, video, photo, entertainment and bang for your buck (BFYB) scores. Our goal is not to punish a site that (for example) underperforms in photography yet thrives in videography, when all you’re interested in is good video. We score all sites on an overall basis, and we also give you the opportunity to see where sites rank in the areas you are most interested in.”

Please check out the new review section of and tell me what you think. Email me at

Out of retirement and into my bed!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Eve Laurence has come back to the business after almost 4 years and where does she go? Right into bed with me 🙂

The update goes on my website tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peak of how f-ing hot she is.

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