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Relaxing Weekend

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Much needed was my weekend. I finished decorating my tree with a gazillion peacock decorations. I was at one point hanging off the tree on my tippy toes on top of the ladder trying to put up a big fat bird on the very top of the tree while on cold medicine. I got that bitch up there and it does look good even if I did risk life and limb. I finished cleaning my house and I ordered some Christmas gifts online and I feel quite accomplished. I even went on Sunday to the Apple store and got a new computer for my office manager and took my dog Trey to doggy beach and did some other errands. I usually shoot on the weekends so it was nice to have both Saturday and Sunday to get personal stuff done. I am ready to take on the new week. We are launching our new site so there are always issues and stuff to fix. I just have to keep it in perspective and with the good comes the bad. Ryan actually enjoys taking on problems and fixing them. He is so challenged oriented. Thank god I have him. Sometimes I just want to pull the blankets over my head and lay in bed with my doggies. Wouldn’t you? Look how cute they are…


Putting up a tree

Friday, December 10th, 2010


Crazy day, that’s for sure! Went down to pick up my 12foot flocked Noble Christmas tree and could barely fit it in my truck. I then got it home and the dudes at the tree place put the stand on wrong so it was all cattywhompus. Ryan had to drill into our wall and secure a hook and a rope around the trunk to keep the giant thing upright. My water heater went out and I barely made the warranty by one day! The thing was purchased on Dec. 10, 2004 and it started to leak a day before the expiration of the 6 year warranty. That saved me $2600 but the install cost me $1700! I am quitting porn and becoming a plumber…

Well, I got the tree standing upright, I got some lights put on and then it was time to get ready to shoot. I did a Breast Appreciation Xmas style and it goes up next week. I swear I had so many people coming in and out of my house today and so many phone calls and big disasters and mini disasters. Hopefully the rest of my weekend won’t be so crazy. But then again, I kind of create my own craziness.

Dog beach and dead mice

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I worked as long as I could today but I am outta here! There is a dead mouse in my attic or in my wall in my home office and I think I am going to die! My not so intelligent neighbor decided to poison the mice in his house and so one of his victims decided to crawl into my house to die. Who does that? You set traps and catch them, not poison them and let them rot in your house. Well, his stupidity is now my torture. I have had to move my computer to another room along with my printer and my fax and blah blah blah. The exterminator said he couldn’t find the little rotting creature so it must be in my wall. The smell is awful so me and the dogs have to run to the PO Box and go and buy some hard drives so we are, as I put it earlier, outta here! Ryan has agreed to come along so we are off to do our errands as a family and then to doggie beach and then meet his grandparents for dinner.

Miss Teenie Weenie and Me

Sunday, September 26th, 2010


I got to shoot with another hot teen girl. Where do these young girls learn how to fuck so well? Are they born with that ability or what? I dunno but I like it. I liked her a lot and I even made her dinner along with Ryan and Kip.

The shoots went well this weekend. It was a 3 day in a row of sex, games and orgasms. I got all caught up in the shoot on Saturday while shooting Monica and totally forgot to take pics of that hot young black girl 🙁

I liked her a lot and I even made her dinner along with Ryan and Kip. She was going to some rave afterward and it reminded me of how old I am. After the shoot she was going to an all night party and I was making dinner and then walking the dogs and going to bed. We had turkey meatballs and spaghetti after she licked my husband’s meatballs. Now that’s a spicy meatball…

I did a geisha loves samurai style shoot on Sunday with Ryan for The shoot goes up on Wednesday so I’ll post some pics then. Ryan kept trying to go all crazy on me and turn it into a wrestling style shoot. WTF? Give him a theme and he just goes crazy with it. He was actually pretty funny and I had a hard time trying to keep a straight face. He really does make me laugh, I guess that’s why I love him so much.

Talk about getting run over…

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Yesterday upon returning from running errands for me, Cathy pulled up to my house in her jeep and ran over my dog! OK, at first she thought she ran over him but alas, she hit him on the butt with the tire and then stopped. He yelped really loud and was shaking and couldn’t walk so I gathered up my things to rush him to the vet. I called Ryan to come home immediately and we were all in a panic. I was yelling, Cathy was crying, Trey was shaking and whimpering. As soon as Ryan pulled up Trey started to wag his tail and walked over to him like nothing had happened. Geez, he was fine after all. What a big baby.

After all that chaos I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I went and got my nails done and made dinner and crashed out last night. Today is a shoot day so I’ll be a busy beaver, literally 🙂

I’ll post some pics and/or video from today’s and tomorrow’s shoots. I also shoot on Sunday. See, I told you, busy little beaver!

Not much to say lately…

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Sorry I haven’t been my usual talkative self. I was getting ready for a shoot this weekend and I decided to spray on this body oil in my bathroom. Well, I have marble floors and I was wearing high heels and holding a very thin glass, yes a combination for disaster. I didn’t realize that the oil got on the floor and as I walked out my feet flew out beneath me, my shoes went flying off and my lower back came crashing down on the side of my bathtub and the glass slammed down and shattered into a gazillion pieces. Fuck me, it hurt. I have been limping around for the last few days. It was so weird, I had a ton of tiny little slivers all in my arm and hand. I feel like I am still find more!

So that’s my sob story. Other than that I had enough composure to finish my “Breast Appreciation #6” shoot. Here it is Tuesday so I have to get off my sore butt and go do some errands today. I feel like I have been run over by a truck, literally.

medium_road kill

Tree Massacre

Monday, September 13th, 2010


Ryan decided to trim our ficus trees on Sunday. It was really hot but he insisted on getting up on a ladder and trimming the tops off in an attempt to even them out a little bit. We have like 25 of these trees so it took quite a while. Why do we pay gardeners to come when we do all the work? Oh yeah, that’s right, they are just mow and blow guys. WTF????


I had to do all the cleanup so I was “thrilled” to be working out in the hot sun, right? The dogs tried to help out but like I said, it was freaking hot outside. Trey tried to find shelter under a tree and almost got his nose whacked off and Kaylee found a sweet spot to lay down in. All in all Sunday was a fun family day for Ryan, me and the doggies but enough with this working outside in the heat. Please let fall come soon. I can’t take it any longer. I was so fed up with the heat that I booked a trip to Seattle. Ah, rain and Starbucks and Nordstroms and ferries and oh yeah, Seattle Seahawks game. I lured Ryan to Seattle with football. Had to do it somehow.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the heat did sort of make us horny and we had sex outside on the side of the house. This was my lame attempt of taking a photo of it. Thank god I am not in charge of photos and video for our company.

On the road again…

Friday, August 20th, 2010


My sis is sick so I am driving out to Vegas right now. It is 5:00 AM and I am heading out on the road. I need to take care of her because not only is she sick physically, she just isn’t herself emotionally. I am hopping in the truck with the doggies and heading out to Las Vegas. My doggies are pretty good at making her smile. She loves them like they were hers. I’ll be there all weekend and I’ll be back early Monday to do what? Oversee a damn CAT6 line install which sounds easy but I have a crazy 3 story house that I run my business out of AT& T is setting up of 2 more T1’s and it is all supposed to work. I know, story of my life. Screw all that. It sucks that my sister is sick but I’ll feel better once I am there. Like I said, I’m on the road again…

P.S. That photo isn’t me. I don’t drive a semi, I drive a black dodge ram truck. I thought the photo that I got off the Internet was funny 🙂

Phones and T1’s are making me CrAzy!!!

Friday, August 20th, 2010


OK, these god damn Flex lines are still fucked up. Now there is crazy static on my “on hold” music only on the digital phone lines, yet the analog phone lines are fine. Fuck. Now the caller ID isn’t working coming in or going out. Going out is AT&T’s problem to fix, coming in is the PRI card and I have to fix it. I just spent another 8 hours on a stupid phone system. I fucking hate phone systems and I hate AT&T!

Got this video off my iphone. I almost forgot about it. I was pretty crazy last Sunday. I think I am just crazy in general, doesn’t matter if I’m doing porn or trying to run a business. It is all INSANITY.
“It’s my birthday!!!”

Friday the 13th

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Usually Friday the 13th is good luck for me but not today. I got married on Friday the 13th, well, oh, maybe it isn’t so lucky for me!

First of all Aug. 13th is the anniversary of my Mother’s passing so that is a big ass bummer to begin with. Second, today I spent 8 hours trying to get my business phone system to work. We put in an IP Flex so my phone lines are supposed to piggy back on to my T1’s but some of the numbers are lost in the sauce after we ported them. Fuck me, I lost 2 phone numbers! My answering system doesn’t work because of all this so now my customer service calls are going to go into la la land for all I know. I’m sure my merchant account bank will be quite pleased with me, NOT! Will my saga with AT&T ever end?

I was supposed to go to the Angel game tonight but I don’t feel like it nor will I make it in time. I am just going to sit here in the office all by myself and wait for my phone guy to give me instructions over the phone so that I can fix my answering system. Wish me luck…

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