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Turning 49? “How can that be?”

August 31st, 2016

Seriously, that’s the question I asked myself all throughout the month of August. 49? Where has time gone? I remember thinking when I started my website that I was 33 and wow that’s a bit old to be taking off your clothes but alas, here I am 16 years later still strutting my stuff. It may be older stuff but still stuff, nonetheless. Thanks for the support.

I spent the month keeping my mind off my age and at times probably should have been acting my age. We hired a beautiful model to do arial acrobatics and I just couldn’t keep myself from hanging from the fabric like a little kid.


I tried to be a bit more respectable but ended up masturbating in the bathroom while I was at a party. Shame on me!


Then I decided to dress like a lady and then promptly undress and again with the masturbation? I guess the older women get the hornier they get? It seems to ring true for this old broad!


I was able to spend my birthday weekend with some very dear friends down in Newport Beach. We rented a villa and right when we checked in Ryan got out the camera and we inaugurated our weekend home. We had fun and shot some content, made dinner and went to bed early and rose with sun and drank our coffee while overlooking the golf course and the beautiful ocean view. We then met up with our friends who drove down from LA and Ryan and Kyle golfed while I was able to get some wonderful girl time with Sarah hanging out by the pool and going to the spa. We dined that evening together and then reluctantly went home the next day. This was my third time staying at the Villas at Pelican Hill and I could just live there permanently, a bit expensive but maybe they won’t notice me if I keep real quiet ; )


Summer Heat and I’m a Wood, Tenacious Bulldog, Pitta and a what?

July 31st, 2016


Happy Summer Everyone! Wow is it hot where I live. Over 100 degrees is just too much for me, can we say “Boob Sweat” for days?!!! So I took a quick work/vaca down to Huntington Beach with Ryan and the doggies and got away from the blistering hot weather. It was great. We were right across from the beach and our view was awesome, plus it wasn’t too far from Dog Beach and restaurants and shopping were just an elevator down. I really enjoy shooting on location. I don’t have the crew I have when I shoot at home but it just feels more intimate and real when it is just Ryan and myself. So I did a few shoots, got crushed by a big ass wave and I still have water in my left ear, and the highlight was taking the dogs for long walks for sure.


I graduated high school from Huntington Beach High over 30 years ago and some parts of Huntington are so different now. It is so much nicer than it was but there are parts that still have that old beach town charm and kind of grimey. I like it all.

So since my full time preoccupation is trying to stay OUT of the heat and indoors with my AC, thoroughly utilizing my new solar panels, I have been doing a bunch of online tests. I guess I’m trying to figure myself out since I will be turning 49 next month. I found some that are really cool. For instance,

To find out what Chinese Element you are can help you with balancing your energy, Tao of Wellness has the best one:

infinichi type

To find out what body type and what foods you should eat and avoid I highly recommend Deepak Chopra’s test:

dosha quiz

To find out your “raw” personality like I did and discover you are a “Tenacious Bulldog” check out:

raw personality quiz

So if you are going to waste time on the Internet after checking out my new Summer updates, check out these tests, hey it is always fun to learn about yourself and you might come away with a different view on yourself and how to relate to others!

Friend on the Fourth and Return of Bug Man!

July 15th, 2016


Look who I met down at the fireworks stand before it opened. Too bad we got there too early and they weren’t open for business yet. Oh well, I took her home with me and Ryan and made our own fireworks with her!


And a few years ago I got caught pleasuring myself in my bedroom by the Bug Man.


I thought I was all alone in my room when he came peering through my bedroom window at me! He invited himself in.


I liked the thorough service he provided and figured it was a one time thing. Oh no, forward a few years and there I was again on the bed with my favorite toy and just as he had done before, he spied on me and then boldly walked on in to give me my Bug Man full service job…



Happy 4th of July!!!

July 4th, 2016


Fourth Of July is not only a celebration of our independence from England, the original Brexit, ha ha, (my apologies for the bad joke) but it signals the half way point of the year. It makes me stop and take an account of what has happened and if I’m on track or actually doing what I want to do with my life. Each year becomes more purposeful and I suppose that happens with age. So here I am at the “halfway” mark of 2016 and other than a few hiccups along the way this year I have no complaints. I will take today to navigate the rest of the year and work on my goals of being a smarter, kinder, gentler person and less of the qualities that no longer suit me.


So thank you for taking the journey along with me this year. Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday and thank you so much for all the support and love and the ability to do what I want to do and for making it possible for me to make a living doing it. That is absolute FREEDOM and I thank you for making it all possible!!!

Cat and Pony Show???

June 26th, 2016

It has been a bit of a circus around here. We’ve had Mean Kitty and Horny Horse, pregnancy surprise and travels to Napa.


To begin I thought it might be fun to punish Mr. Madison and put a restraining mask on him, tie him up and tease him with my kitty cat. Oh, I know, I’m such a Mean Kitty, aren’t I? Don’t worry, he liked it and it was nice getting my kitty cat licked and he got none!


Don’t worry guys, I wasn’t too rough on him. I just like to play like I’m mean. Purrr purrr.


Next it was out in the country on a warn summer day taking a bath in old horse trough. Little did I know there was still a horse around who wanted to drink. I decided to drink up his cum instead!


After all that horsin’ around, we had a surprise guest from the past with news of her pregnancy and guess who the Daddy is? Mr. Madison of course! After enjoying the pleasures of how he got her pregnant we had to rush her off to the emergency room to give birth to a baby Madison.


Then we packed our bags and headed for Napa. Oh, how sweet the taste of wine country. Our room had a view of the local vineyards and each morning I awoke to tranquility of inner peace and beauty of nature and a slight wine hangover!


Happy Memorial Day

May 30th, 2016


I am so very thankful for every brave American Soldier who faithfully gave everything, some even their lives, in order to provide me with opportunity and freedom.

I am still a very proud contributor for over a year now to pets for vets, Check them out, they are an awesome organization. So as I said last year, spend less than what you would on a 6-pack of beer this Memorial day and help a vet get a fuzzy friend that will change their life.

It has been a little over a month since I last checked in with everyone. I finished all my renovations for now and gearing up for a busy summer ahead. I had a lot of fun shooting this month for my site and got back to my roots of doing more costume style shoots. After all these years I still enjoy getting ready and the excitement I feel knowing that I get to share my art, for lack of a better word, with the everyone. I decided to use my unfinished room as a set and borrow some guns of Ryan’s and do a little sniper inspired gun toting video/photo set. Don’t mistake my posing with guns as some sort of political statement. On the contrary, I quite fear guns and I am not a big fan of the NRA and I’m all about stricter gun laws. Holding the that big shotgun did make me feel like a badass, I will admit that!


After holding a big gun and pleasuring myself what was next? A nice long sensual massage. Oh yeah and let me tell you, it felt real goooood. I got pampered in every sense of the word. It was delicious!


Next it was time to head out and attend Coachella, or my version of it entitled “Cuntchella” ha ha.


And the following week it was all about taking me out to the ball game and then seducing one of the players on the team. Batter up Boys!


And saving the best for last, I got to school you as only Ms. Madison can on the details of Sexual Intercourse as taught in my School of Porn. Check out my youtube video taken from the intro of the video from my site.


In closing, for those that are enjoying a day off or for those working tirelessly like my husband is today at the office, take a moment to say “thanks” to our vets. At 3:00 today take a moment of silence in remembrance of our vets and pray that the horrors of violence and war is soon to be a thing of our past and not something humanity has to bear with until the end of time.

April: Anniversaries, Births, Remodeling, and of course, modeling…

April 24th, 2016


Happy April Everyone. This month has been full of new things, new beings, and a new perspective on what it takes to get shit done around the house. On the 13th it was mine and Ryan’s wedding anniversary. We have been together for almost 17 years, and most of that time married and working together. I am starting to take this hard working man for granted and most recently realized my whole universe would not have been the same had he not been with me, holding my hand and going on this journey together. Awwww, yes, I am still in love with him even though he does tend to drive me crazy!

The day after our anniversary my new nephew was born, his name is Zen and he was delivered Cesarean which caused a few respiratory problems for him but I can happily announce today, 11 days later, he is coming home from the hospital as healthy as can be! Yay!

I spent last weekend babysitting my niece’s other son and her husband’s two children. I took them to go see Jungle Book, OMG, that is my favorite movie now. I love being an Aunt and spoiling them and buying them frozen yogurt and toys and going to the park and then packing up my car and going home. Dogs are way easier – ha ha. No really, they are precious and if I could spend time with them every weekend I would : )

I love doing content for my site and so I have been busy this month doing that as you can see, I can’t fake the funk.





I have also taken on the chore of remodeling the master bedroom at the work house. I wanted to do a reclaimed brick wall look with old brick, who knew it took so much work to make something look old and torn up a bit. Geez. It is done now and it looks great, just what I wanted. I re-did the ceiling, lighting, flooring, paint, floor boards, you name it. I also upgraded the master bath and the walk in closet. I also like how one starts off with a budget in mind and somehow along the way it quadruples? How does that happen?

I am on my way over to see Ryan with the doggies in about an hour. I have to do my makeup and then head over to the work house with about 20 sets of bras and panties to model for Polaroids that I sell on my site along with my outfit I’m wearing today for the shoot (I know it is Sunday but what can I say, working is fun for me!), dog food and walking apparatus for them, chicken and veggies to barbecue and some adult beverages, bathing suits to go into the pool and spa afterwards and most importantly, I take with me a great sense of happiness knowing that I get to enjoy this beautiful day.

Spring Zing

March 22nd, 2016


Welcome beautiful springtime! I just walked outside and everything is so green and luscious. The hills behind my home look like Maui. I love this time of year and we have been spring cleaning away. We had some plumbing troubles and now we are fixing everything and painting the walls. Everything is beginning to feel fresh and new which only inspires me to do work more. I love when all is in order. The only down part to this month so far is the anniversary of my sister’s passing. I can’t believe a year has swept by so quickly. I was pretty depressed last week but decided to turn the day of her passing into a celebration of sorts and we had a big pizza party at the office. I also went down this past weekend and visited my niece who is expecting her 2nd child in April. We sorted through all the baby stuff and did some shopping to get her ready to bring home the little guy. I have to admit I am a bit sore from playing with her son and her husband’s two kids. I thought I was in shape but playing with them for 2 days straight really shows me my age – yikes!


I have a new DVD that was released this month and It is the 2nd of a new line I am calling Ms. Madison.


I also wanted to share some photos of my new updates on my site. I like the nerdy lab professor the best : )


I updated one of my favorite scenes that I did with Sophie Dee in our bikinis. Now there’s a whole lotta titty for ya!


I also worked with Bree Olson a while ago, before all the Charlie Sheen drama. I don’t think she is in the business any longer but she sure made an impression on me when I worked with her, so damn cute.


So March and the beginning of Spring are just zinging along and so am I. I’ll be checking in after Easter and letting you know what surprises I get from the Easter Bunny. Oh I do hope it is a new Tesla but I’ll settle for some See’s candy.

February, the month of love, leaps, Super Bowl, and annual trip to the mountains with no snow…

March 10th, 2016

February flew by so fast that I am just now writing about it during the first week of March! Yikes. Well here in California it was to be the wettest month in the wettest year but alas, thanks to global warming we experienced hot summer days while the East Coast was getting pounded by snow storms. Every Valentine’s Day Ryan and I take the doggies up to our local mountains. Each year I am so excited to play in the snow and I get all my gear ready only find out there is no snow yet again and I have to pack sandals instead of snow boots. Regardless of the lack of snow, we still have a great time and this year was no different.


Super Bowl was sort of uneventful this year. I think I just like the idea of having a party and getting everyone together and doing everything but watch the game. So for me the party was awesome, can’t say much for the game.


We got an extra day this month and I tried to celebrate my leap day by appreciating what I have. I took the extra day to think “I get to” instead of “I have to”. Puts a whole new perspective on chores.


Now getting back to Valentine’s Day and love, or even better, sex. As I mentioned before, I wrote a few article’s for my friend’s magazine. I was asked what my advice was on pleasing a woman. I can only speak for myself but this is what I shared:

Without sounding cliché or regurgitating the typical advice about “How to please a woman in bed” that is in every gosh darn magazine out there, I would like to approach that topic at a slightly different angle of “How to please your Woman”. Instead of listing off all the common sense stuff that everyone is aware of I am more interested in answering in detail (the best I can) one of our subscriber’s questions which was “How to reignite my sex life with my wife who I have been married to for a while and our sex life has become non-existent?”

This is a much harder issue to tackle because not only is she, or him, or whomever your partner is, most definitely too familiar and possibly bored with you and that you also take your partner for granted. You may now find yourself at a loss of how to get things going in bed again and have forgotten all those special things you did years ago that worked but now has gotten lost in the sauce somewhere between kids, money problems, health issues and everything else that divides us; sneaking up on us gradually and snatching away all of our young, exuberant horny selves.

I myself after 8 years of marriage, 16 years in the same relationship and working together for all that time have found even my sex life rather boring. Yes, doing porn for a living doesn’t mean I don’t experience what every other married couple goes through. So now that you know I also feel that same pain of longing for a sex life I used to enjoy when the relationship was fresh and new maybe you can appreciate some of my advice that I too have had to heed.

1. Speak your partner’s language.

Sounds weird but so true. Listen to what interests them and show them that you are listening by responding accordingly, not just let it go in one ear and out the other. Remember when you were dating, everything they said seemed so cool and interesting. Try it, really get outside yourself and listen to them. I for one am not a visual person, I am an auditory person. So tell me how much you love talking with me, tell me how funny I am, just speak to me and give me compliments and that is half the battle of turning me on. As I have learned from the “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, that doesn’t always work with every person but you can be safe assured that compliments and listening will at the very least get you to first base. If you have gotten in a bad habit of only telling them the negative and what you don’t like about them you lose the chance of having true intimacy that can only be achieved when you build someone up, not tear them down.

2.Look the part.

For the people who are visual, seeing their partner dressed nicely and hair done and smelling good is a bonus. For those that haven’t been married for over 7 years this sounds ridiculous to you as if that is even an issue. But sad to say some where around the 7th year we tend to get a bit lazy, myself included. Many nights I greet my husband after work with nasty sweats on, a torn t-shirt, a saggy bra and zit cream on my face. And I wonder why he isn’t jumping my bones? It doesn’t have to be a holiday to shave your legs ladies. And guys, really manscaping IS a must. Trim it, shave it, just make sure it looks approachable. And most important, making yourself presentable doesn’t only affect the other person, it gives you the confidence to take control of the situation and help to seduce your partner. And nothing is sexier than a man or woman with nice feet. Go get a pedicure you cheap ass!

3. Create the Space.

This can be taken literally or theoretically. If you have children, make it a date night so no one is home or get a hotel room, getting away can do wonders for a relationship. If that isn’t plausible just make your own bedroom a romantic hideaway. Clean up the dirty laundry, put all the crap away and light some candles. Make it sexy and inviting. Women dig on candles, it’s primordial or something, instantly makes us want to have sex. However you see fit, just make a space for sex. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take hours to do, make a bubble bath, put some flowers in a vase, just create the kind of space you know your partner would feel good in.

4. Give Baby, Give!

I’ll get to the sex part but try giving in other areas that
you know your partner will appreciate. You know that “honey do list”? Well, do something without being asked. That is actually a huge romantic gesture. Making the other person feel respected and cared for has a trickle down effect on their sexual organs. So once a few chores are done, the bedroom looks cozy and romantic, you took a bath and groomed up nicely, now it is time to put 100% focus on to them. Completely let go of your own selfish needs and really be there for the other person. Start off with a conversation they want to have and then get ready to seduce and conquer.

Your mindset has to be initiating sex without the end goal to be your own orgasm. Kiss your partner, massage them, touch them the way you know they like to be touched, and refuse them when they go to return the favor. Tell them tonight it is all about them. You don’t have to go into some tantric sex act for hours on end, just do what it takes to get them off or at the very least until you make that special connection, that deep intimate “I love you and want you to feel good” connection.

That is the most important, give without any desire for return, blue balls it if you have to boys and for you girls, you’ll have to get yourself off later with a toy or something. It will be easy to orgasm with the realization of how well you fu@#ed your partner.

So for those trying to re-kindle a long gone flame you once shared, like the woman who used to give you a blow job as you drove home from dinner and now just bitches at you for the way you are driving, or the guy who couldn’t keep his hands off you the minute no one was around and now would rather spend time in the garage alone, this is for you….

Happy New Year, thank god that other one is over…

January 24th, 2016

This new year is very special for me. I see it as a new beginning to start something fresh and magical. Last year was full of pain and despair, loss and difficulties, challenges and most of all, great change. I feel it was my year of real growth so for that I will be forever grateful but now I would like to take my new awareness and really do something important. So I wish for all of you to meet this new year with enthusiasm and most of all, belief in yourself. There is no better time than now to diminish the power of unconscious beliefs that are not working for you and embrace new possibilities with a new awareness level. I’ve learned through some very difficult lessons that what I identify with, I become. I’m ready to be the best me I can be in 2016!

So here is what has been happening in my little world since Jan. 1st.


I celebrated 2016 with a video from that we shot a few years ago with the gorgeous Ana Foxxx and the vivacious Nyomi Banxxx. It was such a fun shoot that I wanted to share it with my members.

321l1243 321l1297

I worked on Jan. 1st and did a photo/video shoot. With the chaos of the holidays and birthdays in December I really had no other time to work so a few of us had to work on New Year’s day. It was fun and I love what I do so I truly can’t complain that is was “work” if you know what I mean. Making love to my husband on or off camera is always a good way to start the New Year.


I was also able to visit Carlsbad and see my niece and her new husband and all their kids. It was so nice down by the ocean that Ryan and I decided to stay an extra day. We had a nice room with a kitchen with the ocean only steps away so why not stay and enjoy a day together? We enjoyed it the best way we know how, we shot a video in the morning after walking the dogs on the beach : )


I then celebrated this month with my favorite person EVER to work with, Brandi Love. We had so much fun making this video a few years ago, that again, I had to steal it from and share it with MY members. This one is called “Cumsicle”, yes, use your imagination on that one!


The second week of January we left for a work/vaca trip to Cabo. I had a quick business trip to Vegas and then I was off to Mexico. It was so cold when we boarded the plane and we landed only 2 hours later in 80 degree heaven. I usually love the cold but it was a nice warm welcome that I really appreciated. I have 4 videos to share on my website that I did while down there. This amateur sort of out of focus photos is from the first video we did, we went out enjoying the town and I was so tired I fell asleep in my dress lying on the bed. Ryan woke me up to have sex and so we turned on our little camera and captured the “real thing”. No lights, no big cameras, just us in the middle of the night in Mexico as raw as can be.


To end our trip to Cabo in grand style Ryan and I drove to Flora Farms in San Jose. It was spectacular! We took a tour of the farm and had a lovely dinner. The farm and all the produce, the beautiful grounds, the elegant dining experience all far exceeded our expectations. It made us want to go home and be farmers.

Well, we’ve been home for almost a week, I haven’t starting planting my newly inspired garden as of yet but I have been planting seeds on what I want to create this year.

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