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“Women of the Middle East”

Monday, July 20th, 2015


Our new DVD, “Women of the Middle East” is ready for release. Here is a trailer for the movie.

I just did an interview for and and we are really getting some mainstream media attention. Just so everyone knows, this isn’t a movie making fun of Allah or the Muslim religion in any way shape or form. I am not trying to incite another Charlie Hebdo incident. It is rather just my way making an entertaining porn movie with a little bit of social commentary on women’s rights. But again, this is porn, this is tantalizing, taboo yes, but for entertainment and sexual satisfaction, not a documentary on the plight of these women.

We start the video off by saying “For a Middle Eastern Woman, veiling is not just a way to suppress her from having sexual freedom. It is a symbol for all of the human rights violations against these women, such as rape and domestic violence. Take the veils off!”

This movie is a message of empowerment for women all over the world who have their sexual freedoms denied in the name of religion, politics or patriarchal traditions.


For the scene with Karmen Bella I imagined a rebel post somewhere in war torn Afghanistan, not quite as extreme or cruel as Isis but an all female Robin Hood type renegade group that are striking back at the civil leaders taking foreign aid money and stuffing their own pockets with it, meanwhile, suppressing women and girls from going to school and all the other human rights atrocities. Karmen grabs one the civil leaders, played by my husband Ryan and hauls him to her camp like a dog. He is submissive at first but then this is porn, and they had to find some common ground inside the tent.

1 copy


In the scene with Nadia I wanted to show the oppression in a country like Saudi Arabia. Nadia is a doting Saudi wife who follows her husband to America only to find her still shackled to the same rules as at home. So even in the land of freedom she must cover her face in public, cannot drive a car, and must do whatever her husband wishes or expect punishment. I loved the twist at the end of the scene when after he threatens to stone her for taking the car and driving herself, spanks her and then violently makes love to her only to discover at the end that she had snuck away and drove to the dry cleaners to get his clothes for him, the ever loving and devoted and submissive wife.

image1368436977-15021-Place01-0_s660x390 2
I personally think the laws in Saudi Arabia are ridiculous. There still is not one single law on the books protecting women. Not from rape, violence, or being killed. Not one! And the amount of domestic violence is absurd. There are many organizations trying to bring the awareness to the public, even a campaign in Saudi Arabia. The campaign ad portrays a face-covered woman with only her eyes showing, one of which is bruised. The translation of the Arabic message of the ad reads: “What is hidden underneath is much bigger.” However, the sentence should refer to what is hidden deep inside the laws of the kingdom and not under the facial covers.


Our third scene with Arabelle Raphael is the embodiment of a beautiful Middle Eastern woman in all her glory so of course, what did we do? We put her in a sexy belly dancing outfit.
Fantasty bellydance scene, gotta have it, plus she is 1/2 Iranian and 1/2 Tunisian. She is the real deal. I just really wanted one scene with a gorgeous woman dancing around and then having sex. Call it a personal fantasy of mine.


The last scene shows something not commonly played out on screen which is prostitution in the Middle East. It is increasingly common for young girls to enter into prostitution in countries such as Jordan and Lebanon mainly due to the fact that are refugees and in great need of money. There is also an increase of prostitution in Iraq after the Iraqui war. The country has been taken back to the stone age so what are these women to do to provide food and shelter for themselves and their loved ones? There has always been prostituion in that region, some of it glamorous like the high end call girls who work in Europe and the Middle East and those forced into it as a means of survival or even human trafficking that occurs but I wanted to show this taboo practice. In a society which is so restricting upon women there is a marketplace for prostitution juxtaposed with having to wear a naqib to the hotel room to service your John. Oh yeah, I also showed her drinking alcohol which is forbidden in the Muslim religion just for the fun of it.

Again, I am in no way making fun of a religion. There are many women who chose to wear the traditional burka or naqib, but for those who are forced to wear them for fear of sexual abuse on the streets or fear of being beaten at home, this was my way of exposing that ludicrous behavior and showing these beautiful women as sexual beings with needs and desires of their own.

How’s your 2015 going so far?

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Do you fucking believe it is already Two Thousand and fifteen? That’s my saying for the year. Where oh where has father time gone? Oh where oh where can he be? I celebrated Christmas with no sleep, drove to Vegas to be with my sister, came home and leased some way too expensive Macs for Ryan, bought him a new Escalade, handled all the end of the year finances, put a fucking pear up a partridge’s ass, packed and came down to Mexico to shoot a PF scene and 3 KM’s.

So here I am in Cabo, it is 80 degrees, all the work is done for the week and I am stuck inside the house with a blown out knee. That is what happens when you celebrate the last night of shooting and at 47 you go out dancing at clubs until 4AM and then eat street burgers and play cards with your husband and employees until 5AM. Oh this old gal is hurting. I just refuse to get old, so now I am paying for it. It isn’t that bad of a situation, I’m here in a beautiful 11,000 square foot penthouse apartment overlooking the ocean and Ryan is watching football and I’m on the couch getting caught up on emails, texting, and blogging. So, no complaints here, life is good as long as I have wine and Advil!

My sister is doing OK for now, she is improving slightly but not enough to come home. I don’t know where she will have to go next but I am ready and able to take care of her needs as soon as I return stateside. Her cancer is progressing at an alarming rate. Her large tumor was at 9mm in August and as of December 6, had grown to 43mm. This is my first experience with cancer so I still don’t know what that truly means as far as life expectancy but her immobility is far more concerning to me at this point. So I am taking this time in Cabo to reflect on my blessings and what I need to do for her these coming months.

I did a bunch of shooting while here so I will post all the updates soon. Until then, I wanted to share some super exciting news – I have been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame! Here is a link to the press release:


Superstar Kelly Madison Selected to
2015 AVN Hall of Fame Class

Multi Award-Winning Performer/Director & Owner of
Kelly Madison Media Will Be Inducted on January 24
During AVN Awards in Las Vegas!

LOS ANGELES (January 5, 2014) – Kelly Madison, superstar adult performer/director and owner of Kelly Madison Media, has been selected for AVN’s 2015 Hall of Fame class. The official induction will take place on January 24 prior to the AVN Awards.

“It’s an amazing honor to become a member of the AVN Hall of Fame,” said Kelly Madison, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame’s Video Branch. “It’s a reminder of the longevity I have been able to enjoy in a career I love so much.”

“Thank you so much to everyone who has made this possible – AVN’s staff and voters, all the wonderful people associated with Kelly Madison Media, our fans, and especially my amazing husband, Ryan!” added Kelly. “Besides being one of the top directors and performers in the industry, Ryan is my rock, so consider this the beginning of my campaigning for his Hall of Fame induction in 2016.”

For the full list of AVN Hall of Fame Inductees, click here.

“I am so thankful to AVN and our colleagues in the industry and the fans who have supported Kelly and made her a superstar in more ways than one,” said Kelly Madison Media co-owner Ryan Madison. “She wears many hats at Kelly Madison Media – performer, art director, producer, accountant, marketing whiz, and more – so I’m very pleased she is being recognized in such a major way for her accomplishments.”

As head of one of adult entertainment’s top known brands, Kelly Madison began her career as an adult model after leaving a successful career as a sales representative and vice president of a computer graphics firm. It was then she met Ryan Madison, a young graphic artist who she fell in love with. They quit their respective jobs and started, which earned Kelly the title of Best Female Web Star at the 2011 AVN Awards.

By capitalizing on her playful charm and business savvy, Kelly became one of the most financially successful independent web stars ever. The couple’s success caught the attention of DVD distributor Juicy, which signed the couple to a deal to produce all-new content for distribution on DVD and other platforms under their brand, Kelly Madison Media, and its PornFidelity label. The expansion of their visibility helped the couple become a hit with even more consumers, who loved Kelly’s bubbly personality, try-anything attitude, and incredible all natural 34FF chest – her trademark.

Since its inception 14 years ago, Kelly Madison Media has received scores of nominations and awards. This year alone, it has received 22 nominations for the 2015 AVN Awards, – including five nominations in Fan Awards categories. The independent, performer-owned company is nominated for Best Marketing Campaign – Company image – a first for Kelly Madison Media in a category mostly made up of industry’s biggest producers.

In selecting Kelly Madison, AVN said: “[Kelly] originally planned to be the talent coordinator for the [online] content, but after unreliable and undependable girls answered their ads, the couple agreed Kelly should be the model. Now, almost 15 years later, the company runs several websites and produces videos on a monthly basis.”

Voting for AVN’s Fan Awards is open through January 23 at

The AVN Awards will be held at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas on January 24, 2015 as part of the Adult Entertainment Expo, scheduled for January 21 to 24.

About Kelly Madison Media:
With a library of titles dating back nearly 15 years, PornFidelity and Kelly Madison Media are synonymous with high quality adult entertainment featuring the biggest names in the industry. Under the leadership of superstar performers Kelly Madison and Ryan Madison, PornFidelity and TeenFidelity have been consistently among fans’ favorite studios featuring the real-life sexual adventures of Kelly and husband Ryan as they hook up with hot and horny young women. With her gorgeous face, Double-F breasts and up-for-anything attitude, Kelly and husband Ryan have created an empire that has continued to grow from a monthly release in the early days to today’s multiple lines of MILF, Teens, fetish and other themes to a great online presence that is updated every single week with brand new content. and related sites include content of over 2,000 episodes with over 1,000 models, showcasing every ethnicity, size, shape, age, breast size, and personality. Each episode has behind the scenes photos and video footage, shot in HD 1080p and all new episodes in 4K, and all downloadable as well as offered in a variety of sizes and formats. The sexy and eclectic sites they produce is a true representation of their oath to “love, honor, cherish and fuck hot girls together for as long as we both shall live.” For more information, visit

About the AVN Awards:
The 32nd annual AVN Awards Show will be co-hosted by popular adult stars Alexis Texas and Tommy Pistol, both of whom won big at last year’s show. Texas garnered a Fan Award for Hottest Ass while Pistol was named Best Actor for his turn in BurningAngel’s “Evil Head.” In addition to entertaining banter from the hosts, the AVN Awards Show also features equal servings of live comedy, music, and dance numbers – along with a red carpet pre-show which draws the biggest adult stars dressed in eye-popping, sexy ensembles. The AVN Awards Show is the culmination of AVN Week – a series of events produced by AVN Media Network at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – and begins with Internext, followed by the AVN Novelty Expo and the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, and culminates with the AVN Awards Show. For more information about the 2015 AVN Awards, visit

Watch’ya got cooking?

Friday, June 13th, 2014


I’ve been cooking up a bunch of scenes for my all sites lately. Let’s see, we got out the Pantera and did an Italian fast cars and fast women scene with the beautiful Giana Nicole,


we did a scene where Karlie Montana played a Christian college girl gone bad and ends up in the office of her priest for some insight into her devilish ways while turning my home office into something too church-like for my comfort.


Then we did a Marilyn Monroe inspired scene with Jenna Ivory


and a then a Rita Hayworth look a like for a scene, not to mention my kitchen scene that posted last week so there has been a lot of effort going into sets and costuming. I love it but it does require some blood, sweat, and tears from myself and my crew. Every day that they walk in to work they really have no idea if they are helping me move around furniture, painting, sewing, or lately, chainsawing the hell out of the outside trees. Yep, we are chainsaw wielding gals her at Kelly Madison Media all the while the boys are sitting in the cold AC on their computers. Hey, that’s women’s lib at it’s best!


St. Patty’s, Hollywood & The Real Julia Ann

Friday, March 28th, 2014

I do believe I forgot to wish all of you out there a Happy St. Patty’s day. My boy Tommy turned 4 on the March 17th. Isn’t he a cutie?


This is his Mom being a total slut whore in our doorway. He’s used to it, very commonplace in this household.

P_DSC01242 P_DSC01224

By the way, that dress is green not blue so don’t pinch me. I wore it out to an Irish tavern and then after drinking a few green beers I went home and celebrated my Irish heritage with a good old fashioned Irish fucking. I had come home from Vegas after taking care of my sister just in time to make Ryan some green eggs for breakfast. Don’t worry, I won’t post a photo of that. They tasted great but looked just awful. Ryan enjoyed them so that’s all that matters.

You never know what you are going to find when you google yourself. I found some older photos and one from my shoot I did for last year. I love doing glamour photo shoots but most of my fans like the more “realistic” looking me. I know my husband does. If he could just shoot all my photos with his iphone he would.

$_57-1 $_57

Driving around Malibu in that old Caddy was quite a thrill. I ended up taking my top off and sitting up on the back seat flashing all those driving, walking and biking on PCH. I’m really too old to be doing such silly irresponsible things but I just couldn’t help myself


I also couldn’t believe I let my hands and feet be tied up in last week’s update on my site. By the end of the shoot my nylons were completely torn to shreds. Any takers out there? If you want them along with a signed Polaroid just email me at I made sure I wore panty hose for those leg fetish guys out there, this one was for you.


After finally getting loose we packed up and went to Hollywood. I got to shoot with Julia Ann this past Saturday. I just adore her and we haven’t worked together in years. She was such a sport and walked around Hollywood during broad daylight with our big titties hanging out of our bras and big ‘ol 7 inch platform shoes while everyone stared at us. I told her the trick is to not look anyone in the eye. That worked for a while but then we stopped and did some photos with some people and then went on our merry way and fucked the shit out my husband Ryan in the hotel room. All in a day’s work…

You must check out the new update on with Julia Ann, she’s awesome!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 6.33.20 PM

The next day we took it easy and Ryan and I ordered room service for breakfast, I threw on some tight jeans and a sweater with no bra and shot some content.



We had fun and went out on the town and came back and shot some more content got up the next day and did yet another shoot. Vacation Shmacation. Who needs rest? We can all rest when we die.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.05.43 PM

Anyways, doesn’t look like I’m working that hard!

What’s up pussycat?

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014


I’ve been trying to keep my chin up and stay positive. We are losing our programmer, my sister is getting really sick from the chemo combo she’s on and in our attempts at growing our company, well it seems the growing pains are getting to us! So anyone that knows ruby on rails, please email me. Seriously, I’m taking job inquiries through my blog so email me at

We have been shooting loads of content, no pun intended, and we have been having just too much fun with our whole bear cam idea. We just did our third installment for the Bear cam series on I don’t know if I had more fun buying the costuming or actually dressing the girls in the frilly dresses. Sooo fun.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 5.38.38 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-11 at 5.40.47 PM

Since last I bored you with the details of my life I have gone to the mountains for a quick Valentine’s vacation, driven to Vegas twice to take care of my sister, sold 18 orders of bras and panties through my website store, check out all the polaroids I did for them,
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 5.39.36 PM
attended a baby shower and we’ve done 15 production shoots. Not bad for 26 days. I was supposed to leave yesterday for my sister’s chemo treatment, her last one, but got tied down here at home, don’t get excited, no bondage just domestic drudgery. I may go ahead and drive out early in the morning since she is feeling badly today. I would like to think that I am doing it all for her but I honestly like helping and it makes me feel good to be there for her. Since I have been home these last few days the guilt is getting to me. Plus, how can I just relax? No way, relaxing is for pussies!

Here I am relaxing and having fun in my photo/video sets, that’s enough relaxing for me.


Beverly Hills, chemo, new sites and various shenanigans…

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

I have been a very naughty girl and haven’t been doing any blog updates lately. Bad bad girl, I need to be tied up and spanked real hard. Now that we’ve gotten my punishment over, let me begin to say how wonderfully crazy my life has been.

Last I checked in I was about to go to Beverly Hills to shoot for and most importantly, attend an art event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. World renowned artist Richard Prince and his publishing house/art and book store named Fulton Ryder along with Harper’s Books hosted an event at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan 23 to release Topless Pulp Fiction, a new publication by Fulton Ryder and little ‘ol me, Kelly Madison was the guest host. This was the invite that Richard created for the event. He used an iphone image of me that Ryan had posted on Twitter while we were in Cabo. So cool.


I was so honored. My dearest friend Dian Hansen was there and since the book was about reading topless, she easily got me to take off my top and do some fun posing.


Richard couldn’t attend due to weather conditions that evening so the adorable Fabiola who manages Fulton Ryder was my play thing. We did a few photos and sent them to Richard to show him what he was missing out on!


I went back the next evening and Richard introduced me to Larry Gagosian and Mario Sorrenti, and I hate to name drop but I just want to thank Richard for always being so kind and inviting me to these events. Here I am with Richard and Mario. Look at how when I’m nervous I scrunch my nose up like a rabbit. What a dork I am!


Later that evening I dined with Richard and his friends and associates at the Polo Lounge. I had a good time showing everyone at dinner what I had worked on that day.


She not only did the standing splits in our hotel suite but she did cartwheels down Hollywood Blvd. If you don’t believe me, check out the pornfidelity trailer

Later when I got home I discovered that there were photos of me that appeared on the Purple Magazine diary standing there topless with the photographer Tim Barber. Very cool experience.

BradElterman_Harper'sBooks_0000290 copie_700_0_resize-1

Once home, I put my shirt back on, packed my bags and headed to Vegas to help my sister. She happens to be on 2 of the harshest chemos out there, Cisplatin and Adriamycin, aka the “Red Devil,”. It isn’t a fun experience. She has lost her hair which isn’t a big deal but her constant nausea and overall general ill health because of the drugs is really getting her down. She has recently joined a support group and I couldn’t be prouder of her. Her attitude has taken a complete 180 and she is doing so much better than a few weeks ago when I went out to take care of her.

Upon my return from Vegas we began shooting for Sandee Westgate and her man Jared. I got them to do a bridal scene. Look how cute they are.


Then last week we shot 3 scenes for Brandi Love for her upcoming site with us. We had sexy naked men parading all through our company. I shot this after her scene with Bruce Venture and Ryan happened to have just gotten out of the shower as well. See, Ryan likes being topless too!


Again, sorry for my lack of communication. I’ve been so busy doing things that I haven’t had time to do any reporting on things.

International porn player

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Well if you consider a short 2 hour flight to a place where you swear a piece of Orange County California just broke off and floated down the Pacific is an International destination, well then sure, I am an International traveler! Cabo is just that and a bit more. The place is beautiful but I do find that everyone speaks English and the beers cost $6 so a traditional Mexican vacation it is not. What it is is beyond safe to travel to, gorgeous weather, fun stuff to do and it is a favorite quick vacation spot for me. I haven’t been able to go for several years because I couldn’t leave my dog with anyone while he was ill. Trust me, there were a few times I thought I might sneak his 110 pound ass inside a suitcase and smuggle him in with me but staying home with him all those years was worth all the love I received.


I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for an adventure. It was an adventure just trying to get there. Brandi Love was supposed to fly down with my husband and crew to film for her new site. She NEVER doesn’t show but she had some issues and had to cancel last minute. I was going down the next day to merely assist with the shoots and maybe sneak in a few solos. That wasn’t the case now so Monday after Ryan and some of our crew were already down there waiting for someone to shoot I assisted our camera guy Matt last minute at the Federal Building to get his missing in action passport, packed up my clothes, stuck the dogs in the doggie spa and hopped on a plane ready to shoot some porn, lots of porn.

The minute we got to the airport we began shooting. Not even first class seating stopped the cameras. Then we landed and took a private SUV to the hotel and filmed 2 video intros and 1 hardcore scene in the penthouse’s beautiful library. Yep, this place we own the first week of every year has it’s own library covered floor to ceiling in wood and it has a fish tank.

We ordered in fish tacos and called it a night.

The next day we filmed on the beach, at poolside, up in the media room which has a pool table and out in the garden. Yes, it has it’s own top story garden with trees and grass and a seating area, the place is ridiculous. The last scene was in the pool where Ryan and I splish splashed around and then we took the crew out on the town. Filming, of course.


Next morning a quick “hungover and horny” style video with Ryan got put in the can and then packed up our wonderful crew and shipped them out along with all the equipment.

3 hours later and after the cleaning crew hit the place hard, Ryan’s family arrived. Ryan and I were so tired we stayed in and just enjoyed the private pool, our bedroom over looking Land’s End and enjoying a glass of wine.

The rest of the stay was very relaxing. His family is great but I have to admit I was READY to come home on Monday. Even though I had a doggie 24hr live cam I missed the little buggers and I had to attend to some financial matters and get back to running a business. I have been home a few short days and now I am off to Vegas for the AVN show and I’ll be staying a few days to take care of my sister. Her 4th chemo treatment is Monday. I shall return Wednesday to shoot video of the lovely Sandee Westgate and her handsome man and then off to Beverly Hills.

I am so excited about the trip to Beverly Hills, you have no idea. I like surprises so I’ll keep this one under wraps and tell you more about it when I get back from Vegas.

I’ll get some pics while in Vegas and this week I am the model and update for and the first Cabo video and photos went up. There are two more week’s worth of Cabo content so don’t miss it. We worked our little Mexican behinds off for you!

Christmas and all things Merry and Bright!

Sunday, December 29th, 2013


We flew in from Denver and on that day got on the Fast Track to Christmas! We went into Company Christmas party mode with confirming caterers, bar tenders, dj, specialty gluten free dessert makers, party rentals and mass decorating. I have a huge amount of party paraphernalia, not the kind you are thinking silly. I have a large amount of chaffing dishes, serving dishes, crystal, china, flatware and enough table covers and chair covers to reach from here to the moon. I love to entertain so I amass as much party ware as I can even though I rarely have enough time to indulge my inner hostess-ness. My wonderful team set up a beautiful dining area, buffet area, outdoor bar and club scene and set up 5 guest suites for those that partook in too much of the Christmas merry. We celebrated our Kelly Madison Media Event on the 21st at the work house only to awake with horrible hangovers, a shattered mirror door in one of the bathrooms, and had to attend my husband’s family Christmas event early that night. Yikes, hangovers with 9 little children make for a very bad combo. Oh yeah, I’ll tell you more about the shattered mirror later.

To our wonderful surprise the kids were great. We all had a good time and my husband’s family is simply a dream come true. I really did luck out in the in-law deal. I count my blessings daily on that one.

We then promptly got back to filming porn and then took off a day for Christmas that only came to fruition due to online shopping and then promptly went back to work filming and starring in porn throughout the rest of the week and the weekend. Thank you baby Jesus.


So December was full of surprises. We got a hot water heater that had gone bad and caused major water damage to Ryan’s closet at work. Come to find out I love insurance and they are paying for it all, but before it could all get fixed we used to film in twice since it looked all scary and torn up, great inspiration for bondage scenes. Then we used the shattered mirror door for a Teen fidelity shoot. Our make-up artist’s adorable husband had too much of the “Christmas merry” and fell into the mirrored door at the end of the company Christmas party. No need to replace it immediately because it made for a great prop in a video. You see, we like to turn our lemons into lemonade around here. We had some flat tires, lots of illness that practically took the company down, and a general craziness that always occurs around the holidays.

Now we are approaching the New Year’s holiday and I go into that great night with great exuberance. You see, the number 13 has always been lucky for me but this 2013 year with all of it’s luck, also presented me with some great and ongoing challenges. I need 2014 to be a gentler, kinder year. But then again, with the recent expansion of our company and the plans to grow even larger throughout the new year, god help me.

Sunday Funday!

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

It is 11:00 AM and I just got my hair done and now I am going to put on a little bit of make-up and then go into the kitchen and make from scratch some bison gluten-free chili for Ryan to eat while he watches the football games today and then in between games shoot a scene for You know, just your typical Sunday with food, football and of course porn!

Just this week we finally took down all the circus parafanelia out of my living room. I have lived with my house looking like a circus since the first of July. I just couldn’t bare to take all that hard work down until I did one more shoot in it. I re-did it to be a bit more French and we worked with the lovely Coco who epitimized French sexy clown girl. Check out the free trailer and tell me she wasn’t the perfect girl to cast for our French inspired naughty clown scene.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 11.28.39 AM

I have been going back and forth from high production style shooting to just real life shooting and I just can’t decide what I like better. I guess the obvious choice is to just do both. I know a lot of people out there like the “natural” look and the real life stuff but I do like to get dressed up and be all fancy even though it is a lot more work. Today I think I’ll do a bit of a combination. Tell me what you think. Do you like the real me or the dressed up me?


And this is from an update on the site 3 weeks ago all gussied up.


This is from our trip down to Coronado Bay a few weeks ago.

Life couldn’t be fuller…

Monday, August 19th, 2013


What an unbelievable time in my life. Such achievements and joys and tragedies all happening at one time for me and it is a bit overwhelming. Let’s see, I just finished the 500th 3 part episode for pornfidelity which was a huge undertaking and I debuted my personally directed and produced scene on and I have been working on some personal matters that are all now finally coming to fruition which will take a ton of weight off my back and open up more time in my life to enjoy my success and then to be blindsided with the tragic death of my beloved dog and then a few weeks later after his passing have Brandi Love as a guest at my home and to shoot with who I adore and had so much fun with all has had me on a crazy roller coaster of emotions.


I don’t know whether I should have an eternal smile on my face or be severely depressed. Quite honestly I have been doing both. Really, this has been the most rewarding time in my life and one of the worst times in my life. Thank you to those of you that sent me such kind words about the passing of my baby. And thank you for the wonderful response on the 500th and the Brazzers scene. I am truly grateful to all of you that support me. I’m also getting extra snuggles from my other dogs and that helps too! Here I am forcing a kiss on Tommy.


I am going to be heading up to Mammoth soon to bury my dog’s ashes and to shoot some content for my site. It will be another joyful yet sad time for me. I love love love the mountains and I’ll have my husband and my two other puppies with me and I really enjoy shooting up in the mountains but I do have to say goodbye to Trey. I think it will help with my grieving process.


On a happier note, I’ve been having a lot of fun with my updates. I particularly like this one, entitled “Deadliest Snatch”. I get a bit out there with the names of my updates but that fishnet was really digging in so I thought the name to be aprpro.

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